Перчатки с ПВХ точкой seven, Днепропетровск

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Перчатки с ПВХ точкой seven Перчатки с ПВХ точкой. Перчатка рабочая с ПВХ точкой Seven.
Бренд: seven Страна производитель: япония
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Перчатки с ПВХ точкой seven

Перчатки с ПВХ точкой.

Перчатка рабочая с ПВХ точкой Seven.

Gloves were still in Ancient Egypt, where they were a symbol of a high position. The most ancient gloves were discovered by archaeologists in the tomb of Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamen [1]. Initially, they were made without the covers for the fingers, that is, as mutenks, and they were used to protect the hands during meals, as well as in the shooting of the bow. In the Middle Ages knight armor necessarily included gloves; At first they were a continuation of the sleeves of mail, then they began to be made separately. When the plate armor appeared, steel with a gypsum glove from the back of the brush was fastened with a patch of plate protecting the brush and fingers. Special gloves made of thick leather, with wide leggings, were worn during falconry.

The role of gloves was also symbolic, they performed a certain social function as signs of distinction. In the Middle Ages, gloves, together with an amethyst ring and a special staff, were handed to a man appointed to the position of a bishop as a sign of his power. The ladies gave the cavaliers a glove as a sign of love; such a gift was accepted to attach to the headgear, the soldiers handed gloves at the initiation of the knights [1]. It is common knowledge that gloves were used to call for a duel (so far the phrase "throw someone gloves" exists in many European languages, including in Russian). At the same time, greet someone, without removing the gloves, was considered indecent. In the church, too, it was supposed to take off gloves (this rule is still preserved in the Catholic temples and now).

In the 12th century, first in Italy, and then in France there were shops of handicraftsmen-gloveboxes, whose craft became very honorable, and gloves - a luxury item [1].

In the XIV century, the glove extends to the elbow, and for the first time in 1566, in such gloves, appears the English Queen Elizabeth I at a reception in Oxford.

In the XVI-XVII centuries in the Russian Shooter's army, the "initial men" (officers) differed from the ordinary wrestlers by covering clothes, armaments, and also had a cane and mittens or gloves with wrists.

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